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Our Childbirth and Parenting Classes in Peoria AZ

Online Classes Announcement

Families in Bloom is happy to announce that in-person Childbirth, Infant Care, Breastfeeding and CPR classes have resumed!

Virtual classes are still available to those who prefer the virtual option.

At Families in Bloom we understand how difficult and scary it can be giving birth and taking care of your little one, but we are here to help you with our Childbirth, Infant Care, and Breastfeeding classes. We want to make sure you learn everything about your pregnancy and the after care of yourself and your baby. Are you not sure what to expect during birth? We have a class for that! Or do you want to be more prepared for infant care and breastfeeding? We have classes for that too!

With being a mother myself and teaching for 25 years I won't be the first or last person to tell you the better prepared you are the easier the experience can be. Although we can't replicate your childbirth - not that you want to go through that twice - we can help make sure you are educated, prepared, and dispelled of any myths you might have. These are some of the reasons our classes are important.

Taking our childbirth class is a great method in preparing yourself, partner, and baby for labor and birth. We have a few different class choices from weekend classes to a 4 week series, as well as private classes. Our classes are here to prepare and educate you during childbirth allowing this to be an easier and less stressful labor. Our childbirth classes consist of breathing & relaxation exercises, lectures, and discussions with our RN, BSN, Certified Childbirth Educator, in a highly interactive environment.

Taking our infant care class is a great way to get you prepared to take care of your little one. We will help you understand the ins and outs of what you need to do to be ready. This class covers things like normal behavior and appearance of your newborn, warning signs, car seat safety, childproofing your home, and so much more. We understand that most first-time mothers have many questions and concerns and we are here to make sure you are well-informed and prepared.

Taking our breastfeeding class is a great start to helping you be prepared for how to breastfeed, what to eat, positions for breastfeeding, pumping and storing your breastmilk, and more. At Families in Bloom we understand how difficult it can be trying to breastfeed your little one and we want it to be an easy natural part of your bonding time, where you don't have to stress about what to do or when.

Make sure to get scheduled for one of our classes today so that we can make sure you are prepared for tomorrow!