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It is important that new parents are prepared for their new arrival . These classes give parents an insight on what it's like to have a newborn. I highly recommend Families in Bloom!

Denise Burnett

Our classes with Lori were amazing! She was able to explain everything we could expect during childbirth in a way that was easy to understand and helped take away the fear of the unknown. When things didn't go as expected during my labor and delivery, I felt much better knowing exactly what was happening and everything that the doctors were talking about because it had all been covered in our classes. The breastfeeding class was invaluable in giving me a head start when our daughter was born. It was helpful to know the different nursing positions and how to get a good latch, and we are still going strong after 10 months of nursing. The infant care class helped us feel so much more prepared to take our little girl home. From knowing how to give baby's first bath, to diaper analysis 101, and carseat safety, the class prepared us for parenthood in a way no book was able to.

The classes provided a thorough, medically based, and fun education in childbirth, breastfeeding, and infant care. I can't recommend these classes enough!

Michelle Stolper

I have been a nurse for 24 years and 20 of those women and infant services. I have seen the benefits of parents going through childbirth classes when it comes time for them to give birth and care for infant afterwards. It gives them encouragement to know what to expect and raise more realistic questions if needed with confidence.

The classes provided a thorough, medically based, and fun education in childbirth, breastfeeding, and infant care. I can't recommend these classes enough!

Breastfeeding is natural but doesn't natural happen as mothers expect. The classes helps to put them at ease what to expect and gives helpful tips

Also a mother myself and I took those same classes. I felt more at ease what to expect and confident of myself in labor and becoming a breastfeeding mom.

I recommend taking this series of classes with Lori. She creates a atmosphere of warmth as potential parents gather to learn more what is to come. Will walk out with confidence of the knowledge of what to expect of the coming of their child.

Becoming a parent is scary enough and giving birth. Gaining realistic knowledge will benefit any parent. Lori is a professional and confident at preparing potential or returning parents for childbirth.

Linda Schaefer

I'm so excited to see Lori Vraney branching out into her own business of preparing families for experience of childbirth; as well as guiding and teaching the whole family through parenting classes. I had the pleasure of working with her for more than 14 years at Arrowhead Hospital. I was the volunteer services director where Lori and I worked closely together for the benefit of our community, particularly young families. She's compassionate, thorough, empathic and kind as well as amazingly knowledgeable and skilled. All these traits make her an excellent teacher and mentor. Lori truly has a heart to guide new and expanding families to become the best they can be. It is my pleasure to recommend to anyone looking for quality childbirth and/or parenting classes providing lifelong training -- well -- contact Lori. Generations of your family will be glad you did!

Sandy Gerhardt Chilese

As an RN and the former Director of Risk Management at Arrowhead Hospital for 13 years, I realize the importance of childbirth and parenting education. Through my years at Arrowhead Hospital, I was very aware of the excellent classes provided by Lori Vraney RN. I would often pass by and witness the parents participating with smiles and the utmost attention to her instruction. Lori is a knowledgeable professional, Registered Nurse, and an expert in parenting and childbirth education. She has a warm loving personality and heart of gold. Her passion for this field is very evident

It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Lori Vraney RN to any parent seeking education for a parenting class or childbirth preparation.

Noreen Small RN

Lori Vraney is an experienced and professional RN and new parent educator. I have known Lori for many years and have sat in on many of her new parent classes. I have personally witnessed her passion, professionalism and compassion for teaching new parents. I have worked alongside Lori, teaching the car seat safety section of her class and know she has a passion for keeping those babies safe. I highly recommend that new parents take her classes.

Lisa Marie

Lori taught my husband and I everything we needed to know for our first born! She was thorough, kind, encouraging, and fun!

We had a somewhat scary experience with our first (preeclampsia), and were thankful to have the background knowledge we had learned. It carried on in the births of our second and third child as well!

I definitely recommend everyone who hasn't had a child and is expecting to take a birthing class with Lori!

Kendall Linderman

I have known Lori for over 15 years as we worked together at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus. I worked in Quality and Risk Management and would always stop in to see her before her childbirth classes. She is a warm and caring individual who takes pride in the education she provides for the new parents. I have witnessed her professional skill as she would instruct both mothers and fathers to be or their birth coach as they went through all the steps in preparation for their bundle of joy. She was always available to the parents even after classes commenced. She is an excellent nurse, educator and parenting expert and I highly recommend Lori for any childbirth classes or parenting classes. You will not be disappointed as she is as good as they come.

Diane Webber

I have known+worked with Lori for let's just say many years..I taught with her..she is not only knowledgeable+but loves what she does..if someone tells a pregnant woman..u dont need classes you're gonna have an epidural...does an epidural teach u early pregnancy,things 2 watch for,breastfeeding..I can go on +on..no it cant..Lori will help u with this...I loved my time teaching with her..yes an expectant couple NEEDS these classes..give Lori a chance..u wont regret it

Linda Kuenster

Lori is a very kind and knowledgeable women. She has the experience and expertise to help all parents having their first born. If you aren't sure what to expect, then I recommend you give her a call. I highly recommend her services.

Nathan Sherman

We first met Lori just about 17 years ago when we were pregnant with our first baby. She helped us through all the uncertainties that came with expecting your first child. She was with us every step of the way. First with Lamaze class and learning different techniques while in labor to after giving birth and helping us through those scary moments of parenting your first child. She would listen to our concerns, and help us whenever we had questions. She is very caring and loves what she does and truly cares about each couple that she comes in contact with.